Rockstart presents Web & Mobile Accelerator class of 2015 at Demo Day

Announcements include big customers, interesting funding announcements, significant growth rates and expansions abroad.

AMSTERDAM, MAY 28 - At Demo Day all 10 startups in Rockstart Accelerator’s Web & Mobile Class of 2015 presented their products and vision for the future to over 450 investors, mentors and the press today. Some impressive announcements were made by the startups, including big customers, interesting funding announcements, significant growth rates and expansions abroad. Undeveloped raised a $400k investment right before Demo Day.

A solid foundation
Since its launch in 2012 Rockstart has accelerated 58 startups six programs, 4 in the 'classic' category of Web & Mobile, 2 specifically focused on the smart energy industry. Over 70% of its alumni (including 3D Hubs and Peerby) have attracted follow-on funding after the program from investors such as Greylock Partners and Balderton Capital, with a total of over 17 million euros so far.

Web & Mobile Class of 2015
The Web & Mobile Class of 2015 is well on its way as well: just 100 days into the program the startups have already attracted big customers such as Google, WeTransfer, Rabobank and TravelBird. Live On Demand just raised funding from The Lean Startup author Eric Ries and Undeveloped has secured an investment of $400k right before Demo Day. Deskbookers and Live On Demand are both expanding internationally. TabTrader just launched as the first broker for bitcoin in the world and has already processed over $35 million through its platform so far. Packpin is currently recording weekly growth rates of 100%, with its new tool that has proven to increase e-commerce revenue by an average of 5,6%. 

The startups and their announcements at Demo Day:

Cocoon (NL) - Tinder for Jobs
Cocoon wants you to find the job you love, so you never have to work for another day in your life. Companies and job-seekers create a profile on the Tinder-like matching app, which allows them to look for candidates or jobs that match their expectations. Cocoon gives users the chance to emphasize their personality, as this is what ultimately determines a successful hire. Matching parties can then chat with each other and set up a meeting.

Just 2 weeks after launching, Cocoon registered the first official hire through its app. Customers such as TravelBird, WeTransfer, The Next Web and 3D Hubs are now swiping for new employees on Cocoon.

Deskbookers (NL) - Find your place to work and meet
Deskbookers revolutionizes the way you organize your work and meet with colleagues and business partners. Instead of being trapped in an inefficient office building day in, day out, Deskbookers gives users a flexible option to access the best work and meeting spaces. Thousands of spaces can be booked on an hourly basis, displaying their availability in real-time.

20.000+ bookings were made on the platform over the last year. Following their global mission to change the way people work and meet, Deskbookers is launching in Berlin this summer.

Klets (NL) - Chat for external communication
Klets is a beautiful chat page for your business, making it easier to get in touch with customers. Create a meaningful real-time dialogue and avoid the long response times of emails or the unaccountability of phone calls. Set up a unique chat address which you can share anywhere: on your website, Twitter or business cards. It only takes a minute, no developer, download or registration from your customers needed.

Klets is launching publicly on Demo Day. Google, Rabobank, Tam Tam, Delft University and Burst Digital are already talking to their customers through Klets.

KOLLEKT.FM (NL) - Music you like, by people like you
KOLLEKT.FM is a platform for people that truly love music. It allows users to create their own tailor-made lists for music discovery, drawing from sources like Youtube, Soundcloud, Facebook and music blogs. Once people have put together songs from their favorite sources, KOLLEKT.FM matches them with playlists curated by other enthusiasts, so they always find the best music, selected by someone who understands their taste.

A few days ago, KOLLEKT.FM rolled out their Collections feature, making their site the one-stop-shop for collecting your favourite music from sources all over the web.

Live on Demand (NL) - Live events in your hands.
One question marks the beginning of Live on Demand: “Who decides who performs live on stage? ” Nowadays you can co-create and personalize almost anything online. But not in live events… Live on Demand believes it is time to put power to the people in live events. Anyone can start or join a campaign. The company offers an online platform that facilitates crowdfunding of live events, and builds a community of likeminded people.

An inspiring talk by Eric Ries (The Lean Startup) in Amsterdam was successfully crowdfunded through Live On Demand last March. The bestselling author now shows his appreciation for Live on Demand by becoming an investor in the company. With this acquired financial injection Live on Demand will get set for international expansion and hopes to connect to more Silicon Valley based investors.

Live on Demand has already expanded to Paris and will be launching in Berlin within a month. Additionally, they have recently unveiled a completely new, mobile first, responsive design.

MarkO (MK) - The most intelligent hassle free reminder app that saves you time
Turn any conversation, message or call into a smart reminder in seconds. MarkO is a new and revolutionary approach to your daily tasks that is all about saving you time by doing the remembering for you. Without any additional effort, Marko lets nothing slip by you anymore. It knows the best time and place for you to complete your daily tasks and reminds you at the right place and at the right time. Keep track of your tasks and split your obligations by sharing them with your friends.

MarkO is ready for the next big thing: a dedicated app on your smartwatch makes sure that you remember your tasks, while keeping your phone in your pocket. MarkO has launched on Android gear and as a web version, with an iOS version including Apple Watch coming soon.

Packatch (CL) - Never miss your package again!
Packatch is an evening time delivery service that helps online shoppers receive their packages when they’re actually home. Users download an app and receive a new Packatch address to use at the checkout section of e-shops instead of their normal address. Once a package has arrived, Packatch contacts you through the app to coordinate where and when you’d like to have your package delivered.

Online shoppers in Amsterdam will not have to worry about missing a package again, as Packatch has now officially launched in their city.

Packpin - Increasing revenue for e-commerce
Packpin has created a unique solution that generates an average of 5,6% in revenue growth for e-commerce websites. The tool redirects customers back to the original webshop to track their packages, where Packpin offers them related products to buy. They get an email notification every time a delivery status is changed, taking them back to the website multiple times. Packpin provides online retailers with a way to give their customers a great package delivery experience and monetize additional traffic cross-selling add-ons. Packpin boasts an impressive 80.5% tracking email open rate.

Packpin has been growing strong with 100% per week and has already tracked more than 25000 shipments.

TabTrader - The world’s first bitcoin broker
TabTrader is convinced that cryptocurrencies will change the money system for the better, as it does not depend on any bank or government. Crypto exchanges are the backbone of the industry, yet the centralized exchange market is fragmented. There is no single entry point offering an overview of the entire trading space. TabTrader makes bitcoin trading easy and safe right from your smartphone. All users need to do is download the app and verify themselves with a smartphone camera. They can then instantly start buying bitcoins at the best price on any exchange in the world.

TabTrader is the world’s first bitcoin broker that is creating an unified trading space. Over $35 million has been processed through the platform so far.

Undeveloped - Connecting and empowering domain name buyers and sellers Undeveloped’s mission is to bring transparency to the domain industry. Websites of unused domain names are often a barren land or a cluttered mess filled with irrelevant advertising. The marketplace of Undeveloped provides access to more than 50 Million undeveloped domains, give you direct communication lines with domain sellers, and provide you guidance in estimating the price of that perfect domain name you need for your startup.

Announcement:Undeveloped has indexed 24 Million unused domains scattered all over the Web and now offers them in 1 single place. For the first time domain buyers have access to the largest pool of unused domains without needing to jump through hoops. During the program, Undeveloped has  secured an investment of $400k. 

The next phase
While Demo Day certainly marks a highlight for the startups in the Rockstart Accelerator program, it is the end of the program. In the next 50 days, the attention will be focused on maintaining a strong position in the long run, by hiring the right people, raising funding and creating a reliable company culture. Besides, the startups will go on a trip New York and San Francisco to build a network there.

About Rockstart
The first Rockstart Accelerator program launched in 2012 and so far Rockstart has accelerated 58 startups in six programs: 4 in the 'classic' category of Web & Mobile, 2 specifically focused on the smart energy industry. Over 70% of our alumni (including 3D Hubs and Peerby) have attracted funding from the likes of Greylock Partners, Balderton Capital, Vitulum Ventures and other renowned European and American angels (with a total of over 17 million euros).

Rockstart Accelerator is part of Rockstart which helps startups to be more successful in their first 1,000 days through funding, housing, acceleration, events and more. "We love startups" is our motto.

About Rockstart

Rockstart, one of Europe's first multi-vertical startup accelerators, was founded in Amsterdam in 2011 with a goal to provide startups with access to the market, capital, community, and expertise. Since then Rockstart has become the specialist in building entire ecosystems around specific domains—such as Digital Health, Smart Energy, and Artificial Intelligence. Rockstart is actively building up entrepreneurial infrastructures around the world with its acceleration verticals, as well as early-stage startup programs, Rockstart Impact and Rockstart Launchtrack. Since the inception, Rockstart has invested in more than 130 startups and supported them in their journey to raise more than €54 million and hire more than 660 people. Rockstart is an international team of 40+ professionals dedicated to support and empower startups to become scalable and change their world for the better.