Nordetect closes a round with Rockstart, PreSeed Ventures, SOSVentures, and Luminate Venture Corp. to gain market in the Nordics.

Nordetect, a chemical analysis company based out of Copenhagen, closed a funding round with Rockstart, PreSeed Ventures (DK), SOSV, and Luminate Venture Corp

"Optimizing the use of chemistry (fertilizer, pesticides, etc) in agriculture has been a core focus since our inception. The new funding enables us to get our rapid chemical analysis product closer to market and serve customers in Denmark and the Netherlands" said Keenan Pinto, CEO at Nordetect.

Nordetect has pioneered a simple, robust "Lab-on-a-Chip" for the agricultural industry. Using a simple one-click device and test cartridge, they can make accurate chemical analysis in record time. Combined with the platform, users can track the samples with GPS-Barcode sample mapping. Nordetect provides lab-grade analysis in a fraction of the time, enabling any user who needs to make chemical analysis to do so faster and in a more affordable manner.

“Access to accurate and granular data is more important than ever in our food system, especially in times when the world is so connected and decisions need to be made quickly” explains Mark Durno, Managing Partner at Rockstart AgriFood. “With our fund, we invest from pre-seed to Series B in startups who drive positive change in our food supply system; Nordetect is a great example of a company driving such positive change.”

About Rockstart AgriFood

Rockstart AgriFood was established to bring better access to AgriFood tech startups who are driving positive change in our food supply system. The fund is dedicated to find, invest in, support and empower top AgriFood tech startups, supporting early-stage startups going from early market validation to become a market-leading company. The investment starts with the accelerator program and continues through the potential to co-invest up to Series B. 

Rockstart has now opened applications to their second AgriFood program, the deadline to apply for investment is April 30.

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About Rockstart

Rockstart launched in 2011 in Amsterdam as one of Europe’s first startup accelerators. Today, Rockstart is a global accelerator-VC who empowers purpose driven founders s on their way to success across four domains: Energy, Health, AgriFood, and Emerging Technologie. Since its inception, Rockstart has invested in more than 230 startups and supported them in their journey to raise more than €90 million and hire more than 700 people.