Rockstart announces the top 10 startups from the 3rd edition of the AI 2019 program

After weeks of deliberation, Rockstart has finalized the selection and launched its 3rd AI accelerator program, which kicked off last Thursday night in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands. Attendees included mentors, investors as well as other start-ups. These talented entrepreneurs from ten startups across eight different countries will spend the next six months building and refining their products, talking to mentors, and connecting with both potential customers and investors. The first AI program is already showing success with three alumni raising a total of €1.2 million within the first six months after the end of the program, not to mention the vast range of technology collaborations between startups and corporates that have spiraled out from the program. 

“We’re excited to welcome startups from all over the world to this third edition of the AI program. Once again, we have a diverse cohort of technology startups utilizing datasets in industries such as healthcare, education, design, database infrastructure, transportation, trading (fiat and crypto), and graphic design - just to name a few,” said Rune Theill, CEO at Rockstart. 

As a part of the Rockstart accelerator, startups also gain access to start-of-the-art research, know-how, and talent through Rockstart’s partnership with Jheronimus Academy of Data Science (JADS). JADS is a Master’s and Ph.D. Data Science University focused on intertwining data science with entrepreneurship. 

Currently, AI partners, including in-kind, consist of; AWS, Braincreators, Google, IBM Benvalor, Cisco and more. Apart from this strong lineup, startups also have access to Rockstart’s network of experienced mentors, investors, and experts. These mentors will support and guide the startups chosen for this year’s program through the challenges of technology and business development.

“I am thrilled to see the amount and quality of startups who applied for this 3rd accelerator program. Even more excited to announce the ten finalists today. I am confident that each of them will bring real impact in their respective industries,” said Raymond Alves, AI Program Director at Rockstart. 

The following ten startups, who are taking part in the AI 2019 program, come from multiple backgrounds and originate from across eight countries. 

Actable AI (U.K.) Their Virtual Data Assistant consists of 3 layers - seamless data integration, powerful analytics, and an intuitive natural language interface. It makes it fast and easy for businesses to interact with their data, not only to find out simply what has changed but also to ask why, what if, and what next. (Germany) is an AI-powered process control platform for precision manufacturing. It combines the power of machine learning with physics-based simulation to maximize production yield while minimizing the amount of trial-and-error. 

Deepcrypto (Ukraine) removes trading AI entry barriers. It's a platform for creation of AI-powered trading algorithms which can be used without any programming and data science background. Any company can build their own trading AI, all relevant business processes are already taken care of.

Deflamel Design (Russia) Just enter your text and get a stunning design in a couple of clicks! By analyzing the structure of user-entered text and highlighting keywords, their artificial intelligence makes a picture suited to the description and adds artistic effects to it, which users can easily customize.

Eigenlinks (Netherlands) is working on a solution that allows individuals and SMEs to aggregate, process and reuse previously validated data about themselves for future transactions. This allows companies to reduce onboarding costs and to offer more personalized and frictionless customer journeys.

Lupi AI (Georgia) builds digital solutions, which enable teachers to prepare and process student work in several clicks which will decrease the time spent from 7 hrs per week down to just 0.5 hours. It also provides them with data-based actionable recommendations.

Newspill (France) is the first news-trading assistant that makes financial markets accessible to all by enabling their users to trade Stocks, Cryptos, Commodities & Forex directly from their messenger app. They use Artificial Intelligence to detect, analyze and predict the impact of news on financial markets. 

Plicca (Portugal) uses proprietary deep learning models to automatically analyze and understand written content. Currently targeting emails, Plicca's provides context-based prioritization, personalized segmentation and summaries integrated directly into Outlook and Gmail. Their platform is going to revolutionize how everyone manages, processes and engages with written content and ultimately with each other.

Skinive AI Skincare Assistant (Belarus) Intelligent cloud services using AI medical image analysis (SNS), for segmenting the right areas, predicting pathologies and risk assessment. The neural network analyzes similar symptoms with a growing database of thousands of images of different skin conditions. The recommender system is based on the results of a predictive model of a convolutional neural network to search for the similarity of features.

SpotVision (Belarus) provides a mobile application where drivers can see the exact positions of vacant parking spots on a map. This saves time because drivers can now park a car in seconds if there is a vacant spot, don’t waste time circling around, and can move directly to the closest parking spot in an area.

About Rockstart

Rockstart is an early stage investor that empowers purpose-driven founders across three domains: Energy, AgriFood, and Emerging Technologies.

Rockstart invests in early-stage startups from each of the three funds and provides access to capital, market, and expertise by connecting founders with co-investors, mentors, partners, corporates, and the wider Rockstart network.

Rockstart has invested in more than 350 startups and its alumni value to date is more than €1.6bn. Rockstart is an international team of 45+ professionals dedicated to empowering purpose-driven founders to become scalable and drive positive change on a global scale. Rockstart has notable exits such asWercker,, Hubs.Com, Bouw7, iClinic, and s and Brincr. The company has offices in Amsterdam, Copenhagen, and Bogota.

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