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Rockstart launched in 2011 in Amsterdam. Today, Rockstart is a global accelerator-VC who empowers purpose-driven founders on their way to success across three domains: Energy, AgriFood and Emerging Technologies. Rockstart provides startups with access to capital, market, community, and expertise by connecting them to partners, investors, mentors and the wider Rockstart network.
Rockstart also creates programs that are customized to boost collaboration between startups and corporates, driving faster access to co-creation, commercial partnerships, and investment. Rockstart has experience in designing and executing programs for Maersk, Shell, Lely, and many others.
Since its inception, Rockstart has invested in more than 230 startups and supported them in their journey to raise more than €90 million and hire more than 700 people. Rockstart is an international team of +35 professionals dedicated to support and empower startups to become scalable and change the world for the better. Rockstart has notable exits such as Wercker, Bouw7, iClinic and 3D Hubs. The company has offices in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Copenhagen, Denmark and Bogota, Colombia.

Latest Rockstart News

Foodtech startup Reduced raises a €385k pre-seed round from Rockstart and Impact Capital Partners

Rockstart announces its co-investment in Reduced, a Rockstart AgriFood portfolio company. The €385k pre-seed round was led by Impact Capital Partners with Rockstart as co-investor. The st...

Zero-waste e-grocery startup Lyfa raises a pre-seed round from Rockstart and the Swiss Startup Group

Rockstart announces its co-investment in Lyfa, a Rockstart AgriFood portfolio company. The pre-seed round was led by Swiss Startup Group with Rockstart as co-investor and Mirko Kerschbaum...

Rockstart concludes the exit of climate intelligence platform Agranimo

Rockstart announces that it has completed its first exit from the Rockstart AgriFood fund only 20 months after the initial investment. With the exit, Nector Holdings, is investing €2m in ...