Rockstart introduces the Netherland’s First Digital Health Accelerator

10 international startups head to Nijmegen to focus on #patientsincluded solutions

AMSTERDAM - 6 October 2015 - Rockstart, the Global Startup Machine, today announced the first 10 participants of its new Digital Health Accelerator. The accelerator is the first of its kind in the Netherlands and will be taking place in Nijmegen to take full advantage of the highly innovative healthcare ecosystem that exists there. The unique program is patient-focused, includes global ambassadors and mentors and will integrate field labs to quickly validate and scale.

Rockstart’s Digital Health Program Director Maarten den Braber says, “This is Rockstart’s first accelerator taking place outside of Amsterdam and we’re looking forward to tapping into the resources that Nijmegen’s Health Valley offers. The program we’ve put together ensures our participating startups will have access to an international mentor base and healthcare ecosystem partners, who are focused on market validation and fast-tracking innovative digital health startups.”

Participants in the program will receive €20,000 in investment and in-kind assistance. Rockstart Digital Health begins on 14 October 2015 and culminates in a Demo Day in Nijmegen on 25 February 2016.

The 10 participating startups come from six different countries with ideas that span wearables that can help patients with chronic conditions to monitor the temperature of their medicine to social robots that assist adults with dementia.

  1. Bruxlab (Netherlands) - Bruxlab develops diagnostic tools to detect and track sleep bruxism, a condition where sufferers grind, gnash or clench their teeth. The Bruxism app records and filters tooth grinding sounds.
  2. Cognilab (United States) - Cognilab is a research suite for the scientific study of the human mind. Users can create cognitive tests, collect data and analyze results in days instead of months and Cognilab research-grade tools capture participant responses with millisecond precision.
  3. Dinst (Netherlands) - Dinst is a platform for connecting elderly, disabled and housebound people with home service providers. With just a few simple clicks people can find, compare and book reliable professionals who can help them with their needs.
  4. Fuelling (Spain) - Fuelling is a simple, fun & customized app for HR leaders that rewards employees for their physical efforts.
  5. Fysio24 (Netherlands) - Fysio24 is an instant online assistant to injury prevention and recovery. Through the app, people can directly access a library of tailored do-it-yourself programs and live online physical therapy coaching. 
  6. Med Angel (Germany) - Med Angel provides patients suffering from chronic conditions and relying on temperature-sensitive medications (like insulin, hormones or modern expensive biologics) with a solution to monitor the temperature of their medications when stored in the fridge and when in use.
  7. MOUNT (Netherlands) - MOUNT; a user-friendly app linked to the EHR (electronic health record), provides insight and transparency in the decision-making process for patients, clinicians and healthcare institutions.
  8. Picto Connection (Spain) - Picto Connection eases communication to people who cannot communicate. The application utilizes big data, artificial intelligence and neuropsychological analysis and is connected to a collaborative platform that can be customized based on the users’ needs.
  9. Tinybots (Netherlands) - Tinybots are small social robots that assist the elderly with dementia by providing systematic reminders, personalized music, storytelling, cognitive therapy, and spoken instructions for daily tasks. Using an app, the formal and informal caregivers can configure a Tinybot for personal needs and wishes.
  10. Teamscope (Chile) - Teamscope is a multi-platform app that makes it possible for medical researchers to gather and store their data on the go, efficiently and securely.

To learn more about Rockstart’s Digital Health Accelerator, please visit us online and follow the team’s progress on Twitter and on Facebook

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