Rockstart Partners with Sensire for New Health Program

Combining innovation with experience, Rockstart’s Health program is primed to disrupt the healthcare industry with its new partner

Europe’s leading startup accelerator, Rockstart, is proud to announce a fruitful new partnership with a prominent healthcare organization for their all-new Rockstart Health program. Sensire is one of the largest care organization in the mid-eastern region of The Netherlands, and it has recently signed on as a Health Leadership Sponsor for the program. 

With a focus on the quality of life of senior citizens, Sensire provides home care, residential care and intensive geriatric nursing care in nursing homes. They endeavor to provide happiness to their customers, opting not to override their lifestyles, but instead to help them live the way they want: despite limitations, according to their own wishes and habits, and in their own environment. 

Though this is not Rockstart’s first foray into the health landscape, having previously offered Digital Health programs to ambitious startups, they have revamped their structure to make a profound impact in healthcare by providing solutions to both startups and the partners involved. The new structure takes a two-fold approach: it offers the only year-long program in the world for healthcare startups while simultaneously coordinating a Health Leadership program, a program that benefits the involved healthcare partners by connecting them with startups that can inspire innovation within their established organizations through a variety of measures. Rockstart is fortunate to have experience in running a healthcare accelerator, as the previous three years of health programs highlighted the importance of corporate leadership and their influence on startups. Whether through investment, mentorship or partnership, the startups are projected to scale radically with established and experienced organizations at their helm. 

While the program structure has been adapted to better suit the needs of the healthcare industry and its partners, Rockstart is drawing on its previous successes to inform the foundation of the new health program. Throughout the previous health programs, Rockstart helped 30 startups validate their solutions, scale their businesses, and develop rewarding partnerships — including connecting the AI-powered retinal-scanning startup, Deepdee, with the Rotterdam Eye Institute and its leading ophthalmic medical practitioner, Dr. Lemij, as well as supporting GoClinic in landing their contract with Sint Martinskliniek to co-build the first European hospital in the Cloud. Along with offering a valuable network, Rockstart has made it a priority to support their alumni upon completion of the program, which has resulted in helping the startups create over 60 jobs and raise nearly €5 million in collective funding. With three years of substantial accomplishments under their belt, and a new program strategy in place, Rockstart is poised to lead the next generation of health startups into continued prosperity.  

The marriage of seasoned corporates and hungry startups in an industry as delicate and labyrinthine as healthcare is a surefire way to kickstart a rewarding program. With the ultimate goal of making healthcare more accessible to those in need, Rockstart is excited to merge tenacious innovation with insider wisdom. Maarten van Rixtel, who sits on the board of directors of Sensire, agrees, stating: “We know that Healthcare requires innovation to be able to handle the enormous task of caring for two billion people by 2050, which we see can be provided by health startups.” He continues, “However, the insights and support of Health Leaders are required to support these innovations to flourish. That is why we are excited to announce that Sensire and Rockstart Health will be partnering together to bring innovation into care management."

Since 2011, Rockstart has been dedicated to helping startups meet their potential and solve real-world problems. If you’d like to get involved in the Rockstart Health program, you can find more information here.

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